What is Island Boho Style?

Island Beach Meets Boho Free Spirit.

The Island Boho style is for someone who is free spirited, loves the beach, the ocean and has been touched by the beauty of the islands. The "Boho" style is short for bohemian and is influenced by the wanderlust and artisan creations. It gives you a sense of freedom, individuality and uniqueness. It celebrates natural beauty, spirituality, self-awareness and self-love.

If you have island roots or fell in love with the island lifestyle, this look is suited for you. You don't have to live near the beach or on an island to dress in the Island Boho style. Just have fun, be open to explore, and embrace your uniqueness.

Keep reading to get ideas on Island Boho Styles for warm and cool weather. Get the feel for key silhouettes, prints, patterns, textures and jewelry so you can create your own version of this style.

Island Boho Inspirational Photos:

Natural Rattans and Straw Accessories are Key for the Island Boho Style:

Textured weaves in hats and bags will compliment your style and complete the look.

Accessorize with Ornate Jewelry, Precious Stones, Natural and Organic Materials:

Don't be afraid to pack on the bracelets, layer the necklaces and wear big statement earrings. This style is about being free to accessorize as little or a lot as you want.

Key Silhouettes for the Island Boho Style:

Kimonos, Kaftans, Long Maxi Dresses, Fit and Flare Dresses, Mini A-lines, Blousy Tops, Asymmetrical Necklines and Hemlines, Bell Bottoms, and Sarongs also known as Pareos.

Spring/Summer Airy and Lightweight Fabrics:

Breathable fabrics that are soft and comfy are perfect choices for the warm and sunny days. Solid whites with crocheted details are always fresh for the island breeze. Flowy fabrics and embroidered details are classic for the Boho style.

Tropical Prints, Intricate Patterns and Engineered Border Prints:

Choose Palm Leaf prints and intricate designs that will help to achieve the Island Boho style. Border prints create a signature look that expresses the bohemian vibe.

Autumn/Winter, Sweater Knits, Wool Plaids, Engineered Stripes and Denim:

For the cooler weather, textured sweaters, asymmetrical wrap coats and denim jackets are the way to go for Island Boho. Wear asymmetrical ponchos, chunky sweater knits, wool plaids and pullovers with engineered stripes. Denim is a versatile fabric that can be worn all year long. Denim is a classic fabric that goes with everything!

Trims and Details are Important:

Tassels, Crochet, Macrame, Embroidery, Ruffles, Eyelet, Poms, Border Prints, Engineered Stripes, and Intricate Embellishments all add to the Island Boho Style. The details are essential for this look and turn a basic piece into a unique and fashion novelty item.

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